BMC ITSM7 Support Group Membership Add VERSION 1

Adds the given user (indicated by Login ID) to the specified ITSM Support Group. The person must be a Support Staff (indicated on the CTM:People record) already. The Association record is created as NOT the default group for the individual.


New Member Login IdThe new member login id
Assignment AvailabilityThe new member Assignment Availability, Yes or No
RoleThe new member login id, Member or Associate Member
ITSM Support CompanyThe ITSM Support Company to Add person to
ITSM Support OrgThe ITSM Support Org to Add person to
ITSM Support Group NameThe ITSM Support Group name to Add person to

Sample Configuration

New Member Login Id<%=@answer['Remedy Login ID']%>
Assignment AvailabilityYes
ITSM Support CompanyMy Company
ITSM Support OrgThis Org
ITSM Support Group NameMy Group


NameSample Result
Support Group Association IDField 1 from the created record.


No Changelog Available.