BMC ITSM7 Approval Approve VERSION 1

This handler approves a specific AP:Detail-Signature record. If the approver specified is actually an alternate, the approval will note the approver they are an alternate for as the approver and them as the alternate. If the approver specified is not a valid approver or alternate, the handler will error.

Note that the record ID is a join form record ID and is the two 15 digit numbers separated by a pipe character.


ApproverThe approver the handler should log in as. This should be the approver for approvers and the alternate if an alternate is approving.
Approval Record IDThe unique ID (field 1) for the Approval Detail-Signatre Record to be approved
Approval StatusWhether the approval was approved or rejected. Valid Values: Approved, Rejected, Hold, More Information, Cancelled
Approval CommentsAny comments provided.

Sample Configuration

Approval Record ID000000000000025|000000000000023
Approval StatusApproved
Approval Comments


NameSample Result
Date ApprovedThe Date/Time that the Approval was submitted.


No Changelog Available.