Basecamp Project TodoList Todo Create VERSION 1

This handler will create a new todo task for a todo list within a project in Basecamp. Exceptions will be raised if the date is not formatted correctly, if there is not exactly one project with the given name, or if there is not exactly one todo list with the given name.

Getting Your User Id Number

1. In a browser, login to your account. here : 
2. In the url, your user id comes right after the host name. ex. 


Current Project NameThe name of the project the todo list belongs to.
Todo List NameThe name of the todo list you wish to add a task to.
ContentMessage describing the task.
Due AtThe date the task is due (yyyy-mm-dd).

Sample Configuration

ContentCreate poster for presentation.
Due At2013-07-23
Current Project Name
Todo List Name


This handler does not return any results.


No Changelog Available.