Amazon S3 File Upload From Submission VERSION 1

This handler creates and uploads content from an existing Request CE submission field value to an Amazon S3 bucket and then returns a public url of the successfully uploaded file. This is done by using an account's Access Key and Secret Access Key to authenticate with the Amazon S3 server and then uploading the file retrieved from Request CE and its content into the specified S3 bucket.


RegionId of the region the inteded S3 server is located in (can also be configured as an info value).
Space SlugSlug for the space the submission is in (can also be configured as an info value).
BucketName of the bucket to upload to.
File NameName that will be given to the file on upload (if not provided, will default to the default filename stored in Request CE).
Submission IdSubmission Id that the attachment is located on.
Field LabelField Label for the attachment field.

Sample Configuration

Space Slug
File Namehandler-test.txt
Submission Id73f18e87-b2b5-4f2c-b009-9eb8dcdd270c
Field LabelAttachment


NameSample Result
Public UrlA public url for the file that was just uploaded.


No Changelog Available.