AWS EC2 Instance Retrieve VERSION 1

The describe_instances function is the base AWS::EC2 gem call we are using for this handler and returns a multi-level hash/array nest with a top level hash key of "reservationsSet".

The reservationSet has the following pseudo-xml form. Elements with the tag are array members and are referenced by numerical index.

All others are hash members and are references by element/key name.

<reservationId/) , <item"> , , , , , , , , , ", , , , , , ", , , , ,

To retrieve the imageId, for example, simply flatten the above structure by removing inapplicable items


Treat items as arrays and all other members as hash keys. Doing so, we can reference imageId value in the following manner:


In this handler, we are returning just the more interesting properties for an instance. Future versions may incorporate additional properties.


Instance IDThe instance id of the EC2 virtual machine that this handler will retrieve details about.

Sample Configuration

Instance ID<%= @answers['Instance ID'] %>


NameSample Result
Virtualization TypeThe type of virtual machine for the instance. Valid values are "hvm" or "paravirtual".
IP AddressThe public IP address for the instance.
Kernel IDThe operating system associated with the instance's base image
AMI Launcher IndexThe order in which the instance was launched within a launch group
Private IP AddressThe internal NAT'ed IP address
Key NameIf the instance was launched with a key pair this is the name of the key
Launch TimeThe timestamp of the last launch of the instance in the format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm tz
Instance TypeThe architecture size of the instance
Image IDThe ID of the base AMI for the instance
Private DNS NameInternal hostname of the instance
Root Device NameThe internal storage path for the root device, for example "/dev/sda1"
Root Device TypeThe type of root device. Valid values are: "ebs" - persistent storage, "instance-store" - storage allocated for just the duration of the running instance.
ArchitectureCPU type for the instance. Valid values are: "i386" or "x86_64"
Monitoring StateDescribes whether CloudWatch monitoring is attached to the instance. Valid values are: "enabled" or "disabled"
Availability ZonePhysical zone associated with the instance. Used to isolate instances for HA.
DNS NamePublic hostname for the instance.
Instance StateThe state of the EC2 instance.


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