AWS EC2 Image Retrieve VERSION 1

The describe_images function is the base AWS::EC2 gem call we are using for this handler and returns a multi-level hash/array nest with a top level hash key of "imagesSet".

The imagesSet has the following pseudo-xml form. Elements with the tag are array members and are referenced by numerical index.

All others are hash members and are references by element/key name.

To retrieve the imageId, for example, simply flatten the above structure by removing inapplicable items

Treat items as arrays and all other members as hash keys. Doing so, we can reference imageId value in the following manner:


In this handler, we are returning just the more interesting properties for an instance. Future versions may incorporate additional properties.


Image IDThe image id of the EC2 image that this handler will retrieve details about

Sample Configuration

Image ID<%= @answers['Image ID'] %>


NameSample Result
Image LocationThe location of the AMI.
Image StateCurrent state of the AMI. If the operation returns available, the image is successfully registered and available for launching.
Owner IdAWS account ID of the image owner.
ArchitectureThe architecture of the image.
Image TypeThe type of image (machine, kernel, or RAM disk).
Kernel IdThe kernel associated with the image, if any. Only applicable for machine images.
Image Owner AliasThe AWS account alias (e.g., amazon, self, etc.) or AWS account ID that owns the AMI.
NameThe name of the AMI that was provided during image creation.
DescriptionThe description of the AMI that was provided during image creation.
Virtualization TypeThe type of virtualization of the AMI.
Tag SetTags assigned to the resource. Each tag's information is wrapped in an item element.
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