AWS EC2 Create Subnet VERSION 1

Creates a subnet in an existing VPC. For more information see the AWS Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide online.

The Dry Run parameter validates user permissions and inputs. If it is set to true, an error will always be thrown by the handler before completing the handler action. Error response will be 'DryRunOperation' if the account has proper permissions and inputs; 'UnauthorizedOperation' if the account does not have proper permissions.


Dry RunDry run validates user permissions and inputs without completing the EC2 action (true or false).
VPC IdThe ID of the VPN in which the subnet will be created. Must match an existing value in AWS.
CIDR BlockThe network range for the subnet, in CIDR notation. For example: After a subnet is created, the CIDR block cannot be changed. The subnet's CIDR Block can be the same as the VPC's CIDR block, or a subset of the VPC's CIDR block. If you create more than one subnet in a VPC, the subnets' CIDR blocks must not overlap. The smallest subnet you can create uses a /28 netmask (16 IP addresses), and the largest uses a /16 netmask (65,536 IP addresses).
Availability ZoneThe availability zone for the subnet.

Sample Configuration

Dry Runfalse
VPC Idvpc-b7e2b6d2
CIDR Block10.0.0.0/28
Availability Zoneus-west-2a


NameSample Result
Subnet IdThe ID of the subnet
Subnet StateThe current state of the subnet
Subnet VPC IdThe ID of the VPC the subnet is in
Subnet CIDR BlockThe IPv4 CIDR block assigned to the subnet
Subnet Available IP Address CountThe number of unused private IPv4 addresses in the subnet
Subnet Availability ZoneThe Availability Zone of the subnet
Subnet Default for AZA boolean indicating whether this is the default subnet for the Availability Zone
Subnet Map Public IP on LaunchA boolean indicating whether instances launched in this subnet receive a public IPv4 address
Subnet TagsAny tags assigned to the subnet


No Changelog Available.