AWS EC2 Create Key Pair VERSION 1

Creates a 2048-bit RSA key pair with the specified name. Amazon EC2 stores the public key and displays the private key for you to save to a file. The private key is returned as an unencrypted PEM encoded PKCS#8 private key. If a key with the specified name already exists, Amazon EC2 returns an error. For more information about key pairs, see the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide online.

The Dry Run parameter validates user permissions and inputs. If it is set to true, an error will always be thrown by the handler before completing the handler action. Error response will be 'DryRunOperation' if the account has proper permissions and inputs; 'UnauthorizedOperation' if the account does not have proper permissions.


Dry RunDry run validates user permissions and inputs without completing the EC2 action (true or false).
Key NameA unique name for the key pair.

Sample Configuration

Dry Runfalse
Key Namesample-key


NameSample Result
NameName of the successfully created key pair.
FingerprintFingerprint of the successfully created key pair.
MaterialThe full contents of the created private key.


No Changelog Available.