AWS EC2 Associate Route Table VERSION 1

Associates a subnet with a route table. The subnet and route must be in the same VPC. This association causes traffic originating from the subnet to be routed according to the routes in the route table. A route can be associated with multiple subnets. For more information see the AWS Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide online.

The Dry Run parameter validates user permissions and inputs. If it is set to true, an error will always be thrown by the handler before completing the handler action. Error response will be 'DryRunOperation' if the account has proper permissions and inputs; 'UnauthorizedOperation' if the account does not have proper permissions.


Dry RunDry run validates user permissions and inputs without completing the EC2 action (true or false).
Subnet IDThe ID of the subnet to which the route table will connect. Must match an existing value in AWS.
Route Table IDThe ID of the route table to connect to the subnet. Must match an existing value in AWS.

Sample Configuration

Dry Runfalse
Subnet IDsubnet-c5311aef
Route Table IDrtb-076baa09


NameSample Result
Association IdThe id of the association if the call was successful.


No Changelog Available.