Integrating Request CE In Your Environment with Bridges

Anne Rosebery

Wanting to access data from different systems but use it in a single environment? Learn how to use the new Kinetic Bridgehub to easily integrate with systems such Kinetic Core, Remedy, Service Now, and more!



  • What is Kinetic Bridging?
  • What is Kinetic Bridgehub?
  • Using Kinetic Bridgehub in Kinetic Request.
  • Changing the Bridge Source in your form.
  • What services can I pull my bridging data from?
  • Where can I use this data?
  • Where can I go to learn more about Bridging?


Includes a brief overview about what Kinetic Bridging is and why it is beneficial to use Bridging instead of taking the time and effort it takes to manually install dynamic data into your forms. It then moves on to the new Bridgehub console and explains why there is no reason no to upgrade to it (for both RE and CE customers) along with the benefits that it brings to a user who deals with Kinetic Bridges. We then step through a sample form, showing how easy it is to set up and include dynamic data in your Request CE forms. Using a sample form for the application, we then change the data source to use Service Now to pull back People information into our form and show how easy this is using Kinetic Request's Models/Active Mappings strategy. Lastly we talk about what services we can pull data from, where you can then use this data, and then where you can go to learn more.