Anonymous Forms

Shh... it's a secret!

Anonymous Forms allow the ability to capture data from your target audience without knowing who they are. The anonymous feature within the platform is typically used for surveying employees or customers without revealing their identity, even if they are users in other areas of the Kinetic system.

This means that when a submission is submitted, updated, closed...etc, the submittedBy, updatedBy, closedBy properties will all be set to 'anonymous'.

It is an important distinction that forms set as anonymous and forms that allow unauthenticated users to submit are not the same.

Setting a form to be Anonymous via the checkbox on the security section of a form simply tells the application to not capture any of the information about the user who submitted it.


Form Set as Anonymous


Logged In Users & Anonymous Forms

If a user IS logged in and you have a bridge that is fetching the User and setting a field like "Requested By/For", that info will still be captured and stored as a field value EVEN IF the form is set to Anonymous. If you want your forms to be truly anonymous, you'll need to disable any bridges that are fetching user info and setting that data into fields.

To make a form public so that users don't need to be logged in you would set the Forms "Form Display" security policy to "Everyone" for submitting a new submission, or the Forms "Submission Access/Modification" to "Everyone" if they are pre-generating a submission and sending it as a link (like a survey for instance).

It is certainly possible to have public forms that are set up to be anonymous, but it is also possible to have forms someone must log in to see that are anonymous (do not capture the submitter information).

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