Display and Advance Conditions

Display and Advance Condition are two properties of the page element of a form. The basic definitions are this:

  • Display Condition: If this evaluates to true, the page will display for the user. Default: true
  • Advance Condition: If this evaluates to true, the user will be allowed to advance from this page to the next/submit the page. Default: true.

But there are also a few more nuances.

Display Condition

Display condition will determine wither a page will display for a user. This condition is evaluated at the time the user advances to the page. This means, if a user is on a particular page of a form, saved their record, and comes back to it later, the current display condition on that page isn't relevant nor evaluated. The user is already on that page. If the display condition has been updated to make it no longer visible, users that are currently on that page will still see it. Note that this may require an event to forward people off the page if the desire is to make a page no longer accessible.

Evaluating this before the page displays also means that values on that page and load events on that page cannot be part of the criteria for determining the display condition. It must be items on previous pages, form attributes, identity values, etc.

Advance Condition

The advance condition is in addition to/separate from field validation. Fields that are invalid will prevent page submission even if the advance condition evaluates to true. This also means that an advance condition that evaluates to false will prevent a user from advancing even if all of the fields validate successfully.

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