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Forms Overview

Within the Kinetic Platform, Forms are used to capture data from end users (humans) and also to create tables (lists) of data that can be leveraged throughout the system. Forms are built using the Kinetic Form Builder which allows builders to rapidly create interfaces that capture, validate and store data.

Creating Forms

Forms can be created by cloning an existing Form, importing a form from another Kinetic environment, or by creating a Form from scratch.


Cloning is the most common method for creating new Forms within Kinetic. Most organizations create a template that is cloned in order to save time by duplicating common elements or functionality.

To clone a Form:

  1. Select the Clone option from within the list of Forms or click the clone button from within a Form.
  2. Enter a new Form Name and provide a slug (or unique identifier). The slug is created automatically but you can change it as needed

The Form should then open into the General tab. From here you can customize any of the properties of the new Form.

Importing a Form

Forms are exported as json and you can easily move them between environments or kapps, by using the export and import functionality.

Exporting a form is available from any Actions dropdown specific to that form, or from the dropdown option related to the form on the list of forms. The export creates a text file that includes the form slug and a date/timestamp.

Importing the form is only done through the forms console. Click on the Import Form option:

import form beforeimport form before

To complete importing the form, drag your exporte file onto the outlined area. The json is extracted from the text file and displayed.

import form doneimport form done

If the application detects any errors, they are listed on the right column. Otherwise, click the Import Form button, and the form opens in the builder.

To import a Form, click the Import Form button on the top right of the Form list console. Then, either drag or paste your exported Forms JSON document into this field.

Create from New

The option to create a new Form from scratch is on the top right of the list of Forms. Clicking this button brings you to the following dialog:

v5 new blank formv5 new blank form

Here's a short description of the fields:

  • Name - displayed name of the form
  • Slug - unique Id of the Form and also used in the URL to display the Form. It is created automatically from the name, but can be changed.
  • Description - (Optional) Often used to describe the Form and displayed with the form on a portal
  • Status - Defaults to New and has the following options. Active, Inactive, and Delete.
  • Type - (Optional) Used to define the function of the Form, and can be used by the portal for display purposes


You export a Form by selecting the option in the same place as Cloning. A dialog similar to importing appears and you have the option to download.

Form Security

Security Policies helps outline this :)

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