How to Use a Simple If Statement in a Parameter Field

Anne Rosebery
Workflow Developers
Basic understanding of workflow development

The following piece of Ruby code will let you add an if statement into your parameter fields. This will allow you to have different values/data passed either farther along the workflow, or directly into fields on a form (or wherever you are passing data to).

Here is the basic structure of the if statement:

Conditional Statement ? True : False

An example where 'if question' is a radio button choice with Yes and No as the options.

<%=@values['if question'] == "Yes" ? "You Said Yes": "You Said No" %>

If the answer is Yes, you get the text "You Said Yes" if No you get the text "You Said No".

It is also possible to use the longer format:

if conditional statment true else false end

This is the same example in long format:

<%= if @values['if question'] == "Yes" 
"You Said Yes"
"You Said No"
end %>