How to Match Space Actions/Webhooks to Trees

Anne Rosebery
Platform Admins, Workflow Developers

Each Action/Webhook within the Space, for example: user update, form create, submission submitted, has a specific path expected for the cooresponding tree. These are not strictly required, but it is standard and expected use.

In the table below are a selection of common webhooks that are representative of the coorespondence:

Action Tree Group Tree Name
Users Created Users Created
Users Updated Users Updated
Users Deleted Users Deleted
Team Created Teams Created
Team Updated Teams Updated
Team Deleted Teams Deleted
Datastore Form Created Datastore Forms > [datastore-form-slug] Created
Datastore Form Updated Datastore Forms > [datastore-form-slug] Updated
Datastore Submission Created Datastore Submissions > [datastore-form-slug] Created
Datastore Submission Submitted Datastore Submissions > [datastore-form-slug] Submitted
Form Created [kapp-slug] > [form-slug] Created
Form Updated [kapp-slug] > [form-slug] Updated
Submission Created Submissions > [kapp-slug] > [form-slug] Created
Submission Submitted Submissions > [kapp-slug] > [form-slug] Submitted

A few important things to note:

  • Datastore Forms and Submissions have separate webhooks and tree groups from standard forms and submissions.
  • Form actions and Submission actions are separate and have separate actions and tree paths. Form actions are when that actual form is created, updated, etc. Submission actions are when instances of that form/the form's data are created, submitted, etc.