How to set up a Form Submissions Monthly Report

Anne Rosebery
Report Writers
Knowledge of how to use Domo reporting tool

The Form Submissions - Monthly report will display a Graph of the Form Submissions broken down by Month.

Action Enabled

The action enabled by this report will allow you to determine which Forms are being heavily used and which aren't being used. Having this information will allow you to "advertise" to your end users to ensure that they are aware of the forms that aren't heavily used.

Sample Report

Form Submissions - Monthly

Report Definition

Database Table:


Search Criteria:

'cformSlug' = "content-change" or 'cformSlug' = "general-it-request" or 'cformSlug' = "kinops-suggest-a-aservice" or 'cformSlug' = "presales-support" or 'c_formSlug' = "triptravel"

Fields Displayed:

  • Form Name: c_formSlug
  • Date: c_submittedAt