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A set of generic utilitys for creating or manipulating data.


Name Generator V1

Generates a simple name like: frosty-tree-15.

Sample Data Create V1

This handler generate fake data based for testing.

Utility CSV To JSON V1

This handler converts a CSV string into a JSON string.

Utility CSV To XML V1

Converts a CSV string to an XML string

Utility Determine Next Occurrence V2

This handler determines the next occurence based on a provided start time and other recurrence information

Utility Json Parse V1

This handler parses a JSON string with a given path and returns the data found at the path

Utility JSON To CSV V2

This handler converts a JSON string into a CSV string.

Utility JSON To HTML V3

This handler converts a JSON string into a HTML table.

Utility JSON to Results V3

Converts JSON to XML result.

Utility JSON To XML V1

This handler converts a JSON string into an XML string.

Utility Random Password Generate V1

Generates a human readable random password - intended to be immediately changed once used.


Counter Bridge Adapter V
The Counter Adapter is an adapter that is installed into Kinetic Bridgehub that counts up and returns a new number every time it is…