Twitter Tweet Compose Picture VERSION 1

This handler composes a tweet and recieves an uploaded photo and then posts those to the users Twitter account. This handler uses the access token and access token secret to authorize the users account so that tweets can be posted to their account. To get these tokens, you will need to create an application on Twitter under the account you wish to post to, because the tokens are just valid for that account. The users Remedy credentials are used to pull the uploaded picture from the database, which the content of which will then be put into a Tempfile object before being uploaded to Twitter. Valid pictures formats are jpg, gif, and png. Any errors that occur during the posting process will be caught and re-raised by this handler.

How to create Twitter application

To fill in the necessary info values for this handler (consumer key/secret & access token/secret) you will need to create an application on the Twitter developer page.

1. Go to the Twitter Developers page 

2. Log in with the account you wish to post to Twitter with 

3. Navigate to the 'My Applications' link 

4. Click on 'Create a new application' 

5. Fill in the necessary information 

    - Name: Choose a name that will be easily identifiable (must be unique) 

    - Description: Give the application a brief description 

    - Website: A website URL will not be required for work with the handler, Twitter requires you to at least put a placeholder url in the field 

    - Callback URL: This also is not needed for the handler and can be ignored 

6. Agree to the terms and conditions and create the application 

7. Once your app is created, click on the application's 'Settings' tab 

8. Scroll down to the Application Type header and give the application 'Read and Write' access (click the update button on the bottom of the page) 

9. Go back to the 'Details' tab and click on the 'Create my access token' button 

10. After a few seconds, your Consumer key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, and Access Token Secret will all be displayed on this 'Details' page 


StatusThe contents of your new Twitter status.
Attachment Question Menu Label:The menu label of the attachment question where the photo will be uploaded to.

Sample Configuration

StatusThis is a test status
Attachment Question Menu Label:


This handler does not return any results.


TwitterTweetComposePictureV1 (2013-08-15)

  • Initial version. See README for details.