Integration Overview

James Davies
Platform Admins, Form Developers, Workflow Developers

Types of Integrations

Integrations for the Kinetic platform are loosely organized based on their function.

There are integrations that lookup or pull data in from other applications.

There are integrations that push to other applications to create, update, or delete.

Handlers can (and often do) do both.

Below is a brief description of each type of integration and how and where they are used in the Kinetic platform.


Bridges are mainly used to retrieve data from applications (LDAP, Salesforce, etc) and display it in user interface forms. A classic example is getting assets matching a specific User Id or Site.


Webhooks are used to integrate from user interface forms to workflow (trees).


Handlers are available in the workflow application and can integrate to retrieve, create, update, and/or delete. In fact, handlers are the most flexible integration option for the Kinetic platform.


Sources are available with workflow and define how what parameters are available to a workflow process from the initial system. In some cases, Sources need to retrieve data from applications to use in parameters.