Authoring New Filestore Adapters

Anne Rosebery
Java Developers

Filestore Adapters are simple Java libraries containing classes that implement the com.kineticdata.filehub.adapter.FilestoreAdapter and com.kineticdata.filehub.adapter.Document interfaces. The easiest way to get started authoring your own Filestore Adapters it to copy the source code for one of the existing adapters (the Local Adapter Github Repository is a good, simple example that includes the Netbeans project files used to develop it).

In addition to implementing the FilestoreAdapter and Document interfaces, the library must have a META-INF/adapters/com.kineticdata.filehub.adapter.FilestoreAdapter file present that includes one or more lines for what the name of the FilestoreAdapter implementing class is. Kinetic Filehub scans the class path for these files, reads the contents, and uses them to build up the Filestore Adapter list. Here is example contents from the LocalFilestoreAdapter: