Forms are, for most intents and purposes, how users interact with your Solutions and Applications built on the Kinetic Platform.

Low Code

Forms are built in an easy to use, drag and drop builder interface that allows form developers to hide or require fields with the choice of a radio button.


This low-code interface even provides a low-code way, called bridging, to reach out and search/display data from either other forms in the same Kinetic system or data from another system (ex. Active Directory, JIRA, and more).


Kinetic forms allow you access to all of the form details, from the file used to render the form to the render elements on the individual fields. You can leverage these details as much or as little as you need to be sure you are meeting your requirements.

Mobile Friendly

Though the forms are fully customizable, you will not need to do anything to your forms to have them render properly in mobile devices as well as on the desktop. The way the forms render is, as preconfigured, friendly for these devices.


This builder can also allow more experienced form developers and programmers to leverage their existing javascript skillset and provided Kinetic Libraries to do additional, more complex constraints and other functions.

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