API Docs

The platform API is available within the reference docs inside your platform instance at a URL like:
<your server>/app/docs/space/core
so if your kinops server is
the API would be available at

This gives the similar endpoint information that is avialable here for the API, but is also an active, interactive API for the specific version you have installed. This gives the ability to run each endpoint as the person you are logged in as and ensures you always have access to your specific version's API documentation even if it doesn't match the current API exactly.

Tips and Pointers

For each endpoint there are generally the following endpoints:

GET (for all of the item and for a specific one) POST (create) PUT (update) DELETE (delete)

Note that though you can retreive an item en-masse, all of the other functions are for one at a time. This means though you can export all bridge models at once, you can only import or delete them one at a time via this interface. If you want to import en-masse, you can write a script to do so. The SDK is created to make this even simpler.

Each endpoint has examples of exactly what format it expects, what includes are available, and what format you can expect the data to be in in the documentation. These are good ways to double check yourself.

Delete and update require confirmation via checkbox before the button to use the endpoint becomes active. This is to help prevent accidents, since this is a live interface in the space the documentation is for and will actually delete or update live records.

API Details

All details for the current API are available at http://api.kineticdata.com/