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Why Choose Kinetic Platform?

The Kinetic Platform provides a powerful platform upon which to code your solution while also providing a series of pre-built solutions and an extensive library of open-source pre-built integrations for you to leverage.

You can be a customer that leverages a pre-built solution exactly as is, a customer that extends one of the pre-built solutions, or a customer that builds your own custom solution and all would be within the intended use of the product. You are only limited by your imagination.

Common use cases

The platform is remarkably flexible, but we see certain use cases being implemented repeatedly:

  • Approvals
  • A fulfillment queue
  • Conversation type messaging (discussions)

As such, these are either built into the platform or built into our pre-built solutions, all ready to go.


Tenants are groups which are isolated from each others configuration and data. The Kinetic Platform supports multi-tenancy through the use of spaces.

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