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Twilio SMS Message Send From

Interacts with Twilio to send a string to a mobile device.


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Detailed Description

This handler interacts with Twilio and sends a SMS text message to a phone number of your choosing. This handler uses the twilio-ruby gem which needs the Account SID and Auth Token (both can be found on the twilio account dashboard) to authenticate the sending of the message. The number that you are sending the message to must be of the form "+[country code][phone number]" with no spaces. The message sent cannot be longer than 160 Characters and an error will be raised if the attempted message is over that limit.


Name Description
To Phone number that the message will be sent to in the format of +[country code][phone number].
From Phone number that the message will be sent from in the format of +[country code][phone number] (this is one of your registered Twilio numbers)
Message Message to send (not to exceed 160 characters)

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
To +16515551212
From +16121231212
Message Your request KSR111 has been approved.


This handler returns no results

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2014-09-10 Initial Version