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Salesforce Account Retrieve

Retrieves a Salesforce Account record with the given Account Id.


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Detailed Description

Retrieves a Salesforce Account record with the given Account Id.
This handler essentially has two phases: authentication and record retrieval.
* The handler uses the SOAP API login method to retrieve the authentication
  details that are required for making the REST API requests.  The required
  authentication values are instance and session id, these two values are
  retrieved by the login() helper method in the handler.
* The handler uses the REST API to retrieve the Salesforce record.  The
  handler's return variables are mapped from the Salesforce fields as show here
  (with the name of the Salesforce field on the left pointing to the name of the
  corresponding return variable):
  - Name          => Account Name
  - Site          => Account Site
  - Type          => Type
  - Industry      => Industry
  - AnnualRevenue => Annual Revenue
  - Rating        => Rating
  - Phone         => Phone
  - Fax           => Fax
  - Website       => Website
  - Ownership     => Ownership


Name Description
Account ID   The Id of the Salesforce Account record that will be retrieved

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Account ID <%=@dataset['Account ID']%>


Name Description
Account Name The account name of the account record
Account Site The account site of the account record
Type The type of the account record
Industry The industry related to the account record
Annual Revenue The annual revenue related to the account record
Rating The rating field from the account record
Phone The phone numner related to the account record
Fax The fax number related to the account record
Website The website from the account record
Ownership The owner of the account record

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2010-04-27 Initial Version