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SharePoint Task Create

This handler creates a new task in a SharePoint task list.


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The SharePoint handlers require Kinetic Task 2.0 and version 0.8.8 or above of the JOpenSSL library. To fulfill these requirements, either make sure all of your handlers that require OpenSSL are all on version 0.8.8 or above OR configure the handlers to execute in a distributed task engine that is only responsible for SharePoint handlers. For more information on configuring distributed task engines, see Configuring Distributed Task Engines.

Note: This handler requires that Microsoft SharePoint must be setup to support Basic Authentication and SSL to correctly authenticate the calls the handler makes. A step-by-step process to setting this up can be found here.

Detailed Description

This handler makes a SOAP call (using Savon) to the SharePoint Web Services to create a new task in your sites 'Task' list. After configuring Savon to work with the given account credentials, a few inputted values are checked for validity while the parameters for 'Assigned To' and 'Priority' are modified to fit SharePoint standard. Next, the Batch XML structure is built to give the Web Service the information it needs to create the new task, which is then passed via a SOAP call to SharePoint, where the task is created. Any errors that occur during this process will be caught and re-raised by the handler. Authentication is done through SSL, so the SharePoint site being accessed needs to be setup to allow SSL connections.

Note: Make sure the SharePoint Web Services database is turned on.

How to Obtain the Homepage URL Info Value

To find the homepage url, all you have to do is look at the URL of any page on the SharePoint site. The url that should be inputted should contain both the base url (the top-most site in the collection) and the sub-site that you are on. For example, given the following URL:

The base site is "", the sub-site is "development" and the 'HomePage URL' task info values should be set to:


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Name Description
Task List Name The name of the task list that the task will be added to. The default task list is 'Tasks'.
Title The title of the new task.
Start Date The start date of the new task in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Due Date The end date of the new task in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Description A description of the new task.
Priority The priority of the new task. Either '(3) Low', '(2) Normal', '(1) High'.
Assigned To The user who you want to assign this task to in the form of DOMAIN\username.

Sample Configuration

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Parameter Example Configuration
Task List Name Tasks
Title Sample Title
Start Date 2013-11-01
Due Date 2013-11-04
Description This is a sample task
Priority (2) Normal
Assigned To SHAREPOINT\another.user


This handler returns no results

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1 2013-10-08 Initial Version