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Mantis Project Fetch Custom Fields


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Detailed Description

Calls the SOAP based 'EchoService' web service to gather custom fields from project.    Calls the SOAP based 'mc_project_get_custom_fields' web service, passing the username and password of the API user, and the project identifier to gather custom fields from.  Upon authentication, Mantis BT will return a JSON formatted collection of custom fields and their properties.

This handler utilizes a sample SoapEcho web application that is included within the resources directory of the handler package.  The sample SoapEcho web application can be deployed into a Servlet container such as Tomcat and includes both source and compiled code.  The web application contains a single Class that is exposed as the "EchoService" web service.  The SoapEcho web application wsdl file can be displayed via the http://HOST:PORT/SoapEcho/ws/EchoService?wsdl url.

For more information on how to use Savon, the Ruby SOAP library used by this handler, see



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Change Log

Version Date Description
1 05-02-2012 Initial Version