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Kinetic Task Tree Create

This handler is used to create a new tree in Kinetic Task V4.


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This handler is only compatible with Kinetic Task 4.

Detailed Description

This handler uses the Kinetic Task REST API to create a new tree in Kinetic Task 4. To configure the info values, you'll need your username, password, and the url where your task instance is located. The handler will replace the Source Name / Source Group of the tree that was provided with the Source Name / Source Group specified as parameters. The handler will return the tree id of the tree that was created by this handler.


Name Description
Error Handling Error Message
Source The source for the tree you want to run.
Group The group for the tree you want to run.
Body A valid formatted XML tree structure (e.g. <tree> ... <tree>

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered. (raise error or return error message)
Source Kinetic Request CE
Group catalog > test-form
Body <tree schema_version="1.0">
    <sourceName>Kinetic Request CE</sourceName>
    <sourceGroup>catalog > template-form</sourceGroup>
    <taskTree builder_version="" schema_version="1.0" version="">
                                <task definition_id="system_start_v1" id="start" name="Start" x="10" y="10">
                    <task label="" type="Complete" value="">utilities_create_trigger_v1_1</task>
                                <task definition_id="utilities_create_trigger_v1" id="utilities_create_trigger_v1_1" name="Complete Trigger" x="279.6875" y="85.6875">
                                <parameter id="action_type" label="Action Type" menu="Update,Complete" required="true" tooltip="">Complete</parameter>
                                <parameter id="deferral_token" label="Deferral Token" menu="" required="true" tooltip="">&lt;%= @values['Deferral Token']%&gt;</parameter>
                                <parameter id="deferred_variables" label="Deferred Results" menu="" required="false" tooltip=""/>
                                <parameter id="message" label="Message" menu="" required="false" tooltip=""/>
                                <message type="Create"/>
                                <message type="Update"/>
                                <message type="Complete"/>


Name Description
Handler Error Message If an error was returned from the handler
Tree Id The id of the tree that was just created.

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2016-09-25 Initial version