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Kinetic Task Instance Complete With Answer Set

Creates a complete trigger for the deferred task and passes along answer set data as return variables.


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Detailed Description

First this handler retrieves the task instance using the deferral token.  Data from the retrieved task instance is used to create the trigger record that completes the task instance.  If no instance can be found it raises an exception.

This handler also generates a deferred variables string from the specified answer set.  First the entire answer set is stored as a result named "Answer Set".  Then each entry in the answer set is also added to the variables string as a result with the result name being the question label.  Note that if a question in the answer set is labeled "Answer Set", this causes a conflict so the handler raises an exception.  This handler also looks at current results of the instance to ensure that none of the results it is writing will overwrite existing results; if there would be a conflict the handler raises an exception that lists the conflicting question labels.

Finally a complete trigger is created and the trigger id is returned as a result of this handler.


Name Description
Deferral Token The deferral token of the deferred task
Answer Set The answer set of the submission

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Deferral Token 3bd878e94e0a7eb5b66a53a13f8a06d5c68f7b1f
Answer Set {"First Name":"Don", "Last Name":"Demo"}


Name Description
Trigger Id The Id of the trigger record that is created

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 23 April 2012 Initial version