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Google Apps Group Remove Users

This handler removes a list of users from the specified group.


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This handler utilizes the Kinetic Task 2.0 encrypted task info value feature.  If you would like to use this handler within Kinetic Task 1.0, please see the solution article: Using Handlers with Encrypted Task Info Values in Kinetic Task 1.0

Detailed Description

This handler uses the Google Provisioning API library to remove the specified users from a group.  If any of the provided users do not exist within the group, they will be ignored.  Any errors that occur during the posting process will be caught and re-raised by this handler.

* Provisioning API must be enabled. To do so, you must:
    1. Log in to your admin account and select either the "Domain Settings" or
        "Users and groups" tab, depending on what control panel version you have.
    2. Select the Settings tab.
    3. Select the checkbox to enable the Provisioning API.
    4. Save your changes.


Name Description
Group ID

The id of the group that the specified users should be removed from. The group id of the '' group is ''.

Users A comma separated list of user ids or email addresses that correspond to users that should be removed from the specified group. The user id of '' is 'john.doe'.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Group ID


This handler returns no results

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2012-06-20 Initial Version