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Chef Cookbook Delete

A handler that deletes a cookbook from a Chef Server.


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Note: To run this handler, you will need a ruby instance (with a version greater than 1.9) installed on the server your Kinetic Task instance is running on.

Detailed Description


  To delete a cookbook from the Chef server, the handler uses Chef's REST API.  The handler first retrieves the users private key from the specified location so that it can then be used to sign the REST request. The handler then uses the inputted cookbook name and version to delete the cookbook.

Info Values

Name Description
Username Username of your Chef account
Private Key Path File path of directories to the location of pem or key file.
Organization Endpoint API end point of organization.
Enable Debug Logging Enables debugging in logs.


Name Description
Cookbook Name Name of the cookbook to be deleted.
Cookbook Version Bersion of the cookbook to be deleted.

Sample Configuration

Cookbook Name devops_recipe
Cookbook Version 1.0

Change Log


Version Date Description
1 2017-06-12 Initial Version