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Remedy Generic Query Retrieve

This handler returns all the fields for the form specified using the query specified.


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Detailed Description

This handler performs a search against a Remedy Form using the form and query specified in the Handlers parameters.  All fields from the Remedy form are returned as a result.  If more than 1 value is returned the handler will return the error information in a result, so you can choose to stop processing or not.

Each Remedy Field on the specified form will be return in a results list.   Results are accessible to other node using standard syntax (ie: <%=@results['find user']['Request "ID']%>).   The result list of fields is built dynamically by the handler.  Therefore, the results will NOT be individually selected from "pre-defined values" menu in Task Tree node configuration.  The reference to result values must instead manually typed.



Name Description
Remedy Form Remedy Form Name (not display name), eg. People is CTM:People
Query The query used to perform the search

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Remedy Form User
Request ID

'1'="<%=@results['find user']['Request ID']%>"


'Request ID'="<%=@results['find user']['Request ID']%>"



Each Remedy field on the specified form will be return in a results list in the standard format.  Plus:

Hander Error Message

Change Log

Version Date Description
2 11/10/2016 Won't throw an error if nothing found, will return the information in a result instead
1 5/29/2012 Initial Version