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Remedy Generic Create

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Detailed Description

This handler will populate any of the fields on the specified form from a JSON string.
It is necessary to know the Remedy form field names (not the display name).  The node will be configure as a key value pair set where the field name will act as the key.  The form name and keys can be hard coded into the node (provided example in sample configuration below).
If a key is provided to the node that does not match a field in the specified form then an "Unable to retrieve {form name} field id for key {provided key}" error will occur. This is a RuntimeError that occur because a key in the JSON string doesn't match a field name on the specified form.


Name Description
Form Name Remedy Form Name (not display name)
Field Values JSON string of key value pairs

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Form Name KS_SAMPLE_Incident
Field Values {"Summary":"<%=@answers['Summery']%>","Description":"<%=@answers['Description']%>","AR Login":"<%=@answers['Login']%>"}


Name Description
  A new record in the Remedy database under the specified form

Change Log

Version Date Description
2 8/25/2016 Added debugging. Added support for Task 3 (Added JSON dependency files).
1 9/18/2015 Initial Version