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AWS EC2 Instance Stop

This handler sends a stop request to an AWS EC2 machine instance.


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Detailed Description

The stop_instance function can be executed against any valid instance in any
state. When executed against an already stopped instance, the Previous Status
and Current Status will both be "stopped".

The result of the stop_instance call is a mixed hash/array with the  following



Name Description
Instance ID The instance id of the EC2 virtual machine that this handler will send a stop request to.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Instance ID <%= @answers['Instance ID'] %>


This handler requires two info values for AWS authentication: Access Key ID and
the Secret Access Key. These are analogous to username and password.

To find authentication values from the AWS account:

  1. Navigate to the following URL:
  2. Click the "Security Credentials" link (if you are not logged in, you will
     be prompted to do so).
  3. Click the "Access Credentials" link.  Here you will find a list of your
     Access Keys.
  5. Use the Access Key ID to configure the access_key_id info value of this
  6. To retrieve the Secret Access Key, click the "Show" link next to the Access
     Key ID that will be used.
  7. Use the Secret Access Key to configure the secret_access_key info value of
     this handler.


Name Description
Request ID The transaction id of the stop request. For use when engaging Amazon EC2 Support in the event of an error. This ID will allow for back tracing from the server side.
Previous Status The state of the machine instance prior to the stop request being issued.
Current Status The state of the machine instance after the stop request. The state will typically be "stopping".

Change Log

Version Date Description
1 2011-03-04 Initial version