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Active Directory User Remove Groups

Finds a user in active directory by Distinguished Name, Full Name, Email Address, or User Logon and remove that user as a member from one or more groups.


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Detailed Description

This handler will use the server information and user credentials configured in the task info values to authenticate and connect to the specified Active Directory server (using LDAP) and search for the user based on the search parameters provided.  If a matching user is found, it will be removed as a member from each group specified in the groups parameter will be added to the user.
* If 'Distinguished Name' is selected, the 'distinguishedName' attribute will be used directly to retrieve the User entry.
* If 'Full Name' is selected, the 'cn' attribute will be used to retrieve the User entry.
* If 'User Name' is selected, the 'userprincipalname' value will be used if the "Search Value" parameter includes an '@' sign (IE and the 'samaccountname' will be used if it does not (IE john.doe).
* If 'Email Address' is selected, the 'mail' attribute will be used to retrieve the User entry.
This handler will raise an Exception if the specified User or any of the specified Groups are not found in the Active Directory system.


Name Description
Search By 'Distinguished Name', 'Full Name', 'User Name', or 'Email Address'
Search Value
    The value of the Distinguished Name, Full Name, User Logon, or Email
    Address that will be used to search for the desired user.
    The common name(s) of the group(s) to remove.  More than one group can be
    specified by separating each group with a comma.

Sample Configuration

Parameter Example Configuration
Search By:: User Name
Search Value:: <%=@answers['ReqFor Login ID']%>
Groups::  <%=@answers['Groups']%>


This handler returns no results.

Change Log

Version Date Description
V1 2011-01-25 Initial Version
V2 2014-08-05 Changed the password info value to be encrypted.