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2013-01-30 - Resolves innocuous "Entry does not exist in database" errors raised during polling. Compatible with Kinetic Request v5.1 (with applied Task 3.0 compatibility package).


This patch consists of 2 new jar files (kdi_arshelpers.jar & kinetic-task-lib.jar) to replace the current files in the following location (tomcat example):



  1. Stop your web server instance.
  2. Rename the existing kineticTask/WEB-INF/lib/kdi_arshelpers.jar file to an extension other than .jar
  3. Rename the existing kineticTask/WEB-INF/lib/kinetic-task-lib.jar file to an extension other than .jar
  4. Copy the two files included in the zip file to the kineticTask/WEB-INF/lib directory.
  5. Restart your web server instance.


This patch will not update the version on the Task Console, but will update the specific version of the file on the dependencies tab of the Task Administration console.