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Date Time Compare Error Message How to Compare two Date/Time Questions to ensure that one of the Answers is less than another.  An example of this would be if you had a Start Date/Time question and an End Date/Time question.  In this situation you would want to ensure that the Start Date/Time answer is less than the End Date/Time answer.


To accomplish the Date/Time answer comparison you would need to take the following steps:

1)  Add an Event to your Page that runs on beforeSubmit and has a Custom Action.  This event will call a custom function called DateTimeCompare();  Note that you will need to pass your End Date and Start Date questions into this function.  Therefore the syntax would be:  DateTimeCompare('End Date','Start Date');

2)  Add the following to your Custom Header Content (this defines the custom function called in step 1:


//The End_Date and Start_Date values below are variable vales for the End Date and Start Date Questions which are passed to this function
//when the function is called on the Before Submit action.  This means that the only change required to this code is the Alert/error message.
//Note that these variable values can NOT have spaces and therefore the spaces have been replaced with underscores.

function DateTimeCompare(End_Date,Start_Date){

     var endDate=KD.utils.Action.getQuestionValue(End_Date);

     var startDate=KD.utils.Action.getQuestionValue(Start_Date);

     var startDateFinal = new Date(startDate);

     var endDateFinal = new Date(endDate);

// Finally, we check to see start date is greater than the end date.
     if (startDateFinal>endDateFinal)
          // Personalized message to the user that date is not acceptable
          alert(Start_Date+' value must be before ' +End_Date+ ' value.');
          return false;  //A return value of false will stop the submit process

return true;




Once these actions are completed this function will ensure that the Start Date value is Less Than the End Date value.