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Bridge Bootstrap

War Package
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The Bridge Bootstrap package is a template for building new Bridges.  It contains much of the functionality common for all Bridge web applications, such as authentication, administration, logfile management, and the API stubs.


Building a custom Bridge can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Download the Bridge Bootstrap package
  2. Write a Java class that extends the com.kineticdata.bridge.bootstrap.Bridge class
  3. Repackage the Bridge Bootstrap with the new class and deploy it to a Servlet container such as Tomcat




The /WEB-INF/lib directory includes the .jar file dependencies of the Kinetic Bootstrap package.  These include:

  • Apache Commons Codec library (commons-codec-X.X.jar)
  • Apache Commons Lang library (commons-lang-X.X.jar)
  • JSON Simple library (json_simple-X.X.jar)
  • Kinetic Bridge Bootstrap (kinetic-bridge-bootstrap.jar)
  • Log4j library (log4j-X.X.X.jar)

The /WEB-INF/lib/kinetic-bridge-bootstrap.jar file contains the Java classes used by the Bridge Bootstrap package.  In order to build a bridge using the Bridge Bootstrap, the com.kineticdata.bridge.bootstrap.Bridge class needs to be extended with the following methods:


  • count(com.kineticdata.bridge.bootstrap.BridgeRequest) - Returns the JSON string representing the result of counting the number of records matching the given qualification.
  • retrieve(com.kineticdata.bridge.bootstrap.BridgeRequest) - Returns the JSON string representing a singular record that matches the given qualfiication.
  • search(com.kineticdata.bridge.bootstrap.BridgeRequest) - Returns the JSON string representing a set of records that match the given qualification.


  • getBridgeDetails() - Returns a hash of bridge detail names to values.  This hash is used to populate the Bridge Details section of the AdminConsole Environment tab.
  • destroy() - Called whenever the bridge object is replaced or otherwise no longer necessary.
  • shutdown() - Called whenever the Bridge servlet is torn down.


The /WEB-INF/web.xml file is a web.xml file sample that would be customized for the new Bridge application.  It includes comments on what the different properties are, and what sections require modification.


The /consoles directory includes JSP code used to render the Bridge AdminConsole and a Kinetic theming package that follows the same conventions as Kinetic Request bundles.  See the Kinetic Request Bundle Guide for more information about working with Kinetic bundles.

Bridge Bootstrap AdminConsole.png

Bridge Bootstrap AdminConsole


This is a simple JSP that redirects root requests to the login page.  So, if someone were to request http://SERVER/kineticLdapBridge/ they would automatically be redirected to the http://SERVER/kineticLdapBridge/AdminConsole/login page.