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KURL is a domain-specific language (DSL) designed to create service items in Kinetic Request.  KURL can also be used to import other things like service catalogs, bridge configuration items, and other configuration items.

KURL is primarily comprised of two things.  First there is the DSL, which is a set of functions defined in the Ruby programming language, that works with the Kinetic Request application.  Second there is a JAR file which is used to execute the KURL code (importing) and is also used to translate current implementations to KURL code (exporting).


To download and setup KURL go to the following article Get Started.

For more details about the DSL functions as well as the documentation for each function go to the following article KURL Functions.

For more details about the JAR file as well as the documentation for each of its commands go to the following article JAR Commands