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Hide and Show In Place

Dynamicly hide and show elements.

Adding a Hide/Show Event

Hide and Show In Place is used to change the visibility of elements on a page of your service item. When you hide an element, the space for the element remains, the element is just invisible.

Example of blank Hide/Show event:

hide show in place blank dialog.JPG

Selected Element drop-down list displays all the elements on the page that are available for this action. If you select a Section, it will hide or show everything in the section. 

Show/Hide buttons are used after the elements have been selected. Clicking on either button moves the selected element to one of the two tables on the bottom of the page.

Elements to Hide/Elements to Show tables list the items selected, and the action that occurs if the Fire Event If qualification resolves to true.

Remove buttons delete the selected element from the table directly above them.

Options to either make optional or require elements are available directly below the tables.