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Filehub Microsoft SharePoint Adapter


The Microsoft SharePoint Adapter provides the functionality necessary for Kinetic Filehub to read and write files for a Microsoft SharePoint Document folder.

The source code is available in the Kinetic Data github organization. 


The kinetic-filehub-adapter-sharepoint.jar is included in Kinetic Filehub v1.2.1 and above.


Configuration Values

Name Description
Sharepoint Site Location The URL path to the Sharepoint site (ie.
Username A user will have access to modify files in the specified Sharepoint Document folder. Will be passed through basic authentication.
Password The password for the user. Will be passed through basic authentication.
Relative Folder Path Server relative URL for a Sharepoint Document folder (ie. /Shared Documents/Filehub)


v1.0.0 (2018-04-26)

  • Initial version