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The goal of this training course is to give an introduction to React bundles creation for Request CE.  It is assumed that individuals going through this course have a basic understanding of how to use Kinetic Data's Request CE.  Please review the Manger Training course to learn more about how the Request product works. 

Kinetic Data's Request CE product roughly breaks down into three layers:

  • There are the data persisted structures. Kapps, categories and form definitions are example structures. These live in the database.
  • There is the application's code which gives Request its business rules.
  • There is the ability to write custom code; Kinetic calls the custom code a "bundle".

History on Request CE

The goal of React bundle development is to produce a single page application. Kinetic didn't develop single page applications at first. Request CE ran on a JSP bundle before it was extended to support single page applications.

  • With a JSP bundle a single directory holds the custom code files.
  • The bundle gets included into the deployed Kinetic application.

It's required to have a JSP bundle to build a React application with Request CE. The JSP bundle is very small. The main purpose of the JSP bundle is to load the React bundle for the client.

This course will not go into the development of the JSP bundle. It is a small boilerplate bundle that Kinetic Data provides; we call it webpack bundle. This course does cover where to add the webpack bundle in the setting up the kapp article.  If you are using a kinops instance for this training it is not required to add the webpack JSP bundle.

Important Concepts:

React bundle usage requires two bundles. The first bundle is a standard JSP bundle added to the applications space directory inside the Kinetic application. The second bundle is a single page application (written using React). In production there are options for where to place the code for the single page application.  One option is to place it in an external directory from the webserver hosting Request CE. The other option is to place it inside of the JSP bundle on the server hosting the Kinetic Request application.  In development the bundle will run on a local machine and requests are proxyed to the host.