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Queue Kapp


A select walk-through of the Queue Kapp


The Queue kapp is an example of a kapp with a specific purpose. Queue is meant to be the fulfillment center for kinops.

It's divided into a few different sections.


In a column along the left are the filters to find available and assigned tasks.

The middle column has "cards" representing individual tasks. Normally these are either available, or assigned to you or your team.

When you select a card, the details are available in the right column.

There are more details about the Queue Kapp in the help documentation for kinops

Adding Forms

One of the interesting pieces about Queue, is that behind the scenes they have the same properties as a catalog/services traditional kapp.

While Queue has a very opinionated view of how things are displayed, the forms are the same.

At the bottom of the left column is a "New" button that lets you add a new action (adhoc task, case, etc) that could be its own action. You can use your same form building skills to create a new form to add on here.