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A look at the answers that are submitted and their formats


Besides the answers to the questions you add to your form, each submission has the following built in values:

System assigned values:

  • Submission ID - unique value for submission
  • Form - Name of Form from submission
  • Type - type of form from creation
  • Submitted By - authenticated user
  • Submitted At - Date/Time hit submission page
  • Closed At - Date/Time normally set using Task Handler
  • State - Draft, Submitted, Closed
  • Draft - one page submitted - no Confirmation page
  • Submitted - reached Confirmation page
  • Closed - all processing for this and related submissions

These are Kapp specific fields that can be used by adding these specific names to your Form.

  • Assigned Group
  • Assigned Individual
  • Due Date
  • Deferral Token
  • Requested By
  • Requested For
  • Status

The exceptionally useful feature of these fields is that they are searchable across the entire Kapp.


All of the answers from a submission are stored as a string, except Checkboxes and Attachments.

Checkboxes are store as an array.

When you reference a checkbox answer in javascript for a conditional display you need something besides a comparison. For example:

values('What Page').indexOf("page 3")>-1

This checks the array for a value of "page 3" and resolves to true if it is present.

Attachments are stored using Filehub.


Understand how answers are saved and what other values are available with submissions.