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Activity 6 - Events



Create Events to dynamically add data and functionality to Forms


Bridges were cool, but just setting some default values and lists isn't giving me all the functionality I need.

OK, who am I kidding, if I don't have an option for an Admin to fill out forms for his boss this is never going to work.

Maybe an Event and a Bridge can save my job...


We're going to create a few different events based on actions from Forms and information from the Datastore.

Load event for customers information..

Use information in the Datastore to get customer information.

Lookup another customers information...

Set a Submit event that confirms/validates data.

Set a Custom Event on Submit that checks for a Value and stops submission. Check the Reference docs for help.

(This can also be done with the Advance Condition to some extent.)

What's Next

We've been throwing a lot of stuff into Forms, lets take a look at submissions.