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Adding dynamic events to your Forms


Events add functionality to Forms. Each Event is based off a Type and an Action


There are four available Types for events

  • Click - used with buttons
  • Change - used with Fields
  • Load - used when a page loads
  • Submit - used when a page is submitted


Only two types of actions are available

  • Set Fields - update values in Fields
  • Custom - create your own action using javascript

Other Fields

Name - Descriptive text

Run If - possible qualification for the event. If it resolves to true the event fires. A blank qualification resolves to true.

Action Examples

Set fields is commonly used to complete answers on a submission based upon a value. Two examples are completing fields based on the logged in user, and looking up a user by last name.

Here is an example screenshot for setting person info based on a last name:

An example of a Load event that sets fields for the logged in user:


If you are returning multiple fields for a Customer to make a choice, you need to make sure that fields are visible that you want and in the order that makes the most sense.

Here is an example of sorting and showing a person return event with multiple options.


Create multiple types of events.