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Activity 5 - Bridges



Using bridges to bring in outside data to your Form.


After watching a few customers fill out their personal information, you realize this is a bad idea. You store information about your users and customers, why not leverage it for your forms. Come to think of it there's all kinds of information you could use in systems throughout the organization. Time to look into Bridges...


Your training environment comes with some pre-configured bridges that point towards the Datastore in the Admin Kapp. Look into bridges on Community to see some of the many other options included with Bridge Hub.

For our Forms, we are adding two of the most common options, setting default user data, and setting menus from external lookups.

User Information:

You can lookup your (the logged in users) information


The Datastore contains lists for Sites, Departments, and States. Update your form for one or both.

What's Next

Next we take a look at Events and how they are different and the same with Bridges.