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Activity 4 - Display and Validate



Add Display and Validation options to a Form


Lots of questions now, but my testing says customers are confused and only want to see the options that they need. I also need to make sure I'm getting all the fields that I need for my Task workflow.

Time to explore some display and validation options...


One of the most common features of a form, is hiding questions until a customer needs to see them. For example, only show an asset number field if you are referencing hardware (and then make it required)


Select a question or section and make it visible depending on the answer to another question


Make a question Read Only based on another Answer


Set a question to Required based on a condition


Set a limiting pattern on a question (email address is the example) - ^[\w-\.]+\@[\w\.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,4}$

Custom Constraint:

A different type of limit on a field. In this case add a max number of characters. (.length < 300)

What's Next

The form is working pretty well, but why are we letting the customer enter their own data? Lets fix that.

Download a completed example here.