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Activity 3 - Questions



Add a variety of questions to the two Submittable pages on your new Form.


You showed your new form to your boss. First question she has - where's the questions?

Alright, now we add some questions - see below.

Next time we'll just show it to a few co-workers first...


Before adding questions always have a plan (insert Hunt for Red October quote here).

What's the mission for each page? Can I put everything on one page?

How can/should I logically group the questions?

Should they be in a section?

What about visibility and required?

We already have questions about the person on the front page, so add questions about hardware they may need on the second.

Here are some suggestions:

First Page

  • First and Last Name
  • Site
  • Email
  • Phone

Second Page

  • laptop or desktop
  • Existing Asset Number
  • Options for Monitors
  • Options for Office

Confirmation Page

Trick question - no questions should go on the confirmation page.

What's Next

Looks pretty basic. Are you ready to show to your boss again - No? Good idea - lets spice it a little with some dynamic actions.

Download a completed example employee-onboarding-3.json.