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Activity 1 - Create a Form

Create your first Form.


Create (clone) a New Form. Learn the basics of the builder.

Story - In the beginning

Welcome to kinops, you are now in charge of Services.

You'll be fine.

Throughout the class we are going to use the premise (story) that you are new to kinops and are in charge of creating some new forms. It gives us a chance to tie together many of the elements of Request CE - and it's fun! Let's get started.


First things first. Lets get familiar with the layout of the application and make sure that we can create something.

  1. Starting from the main portal in kinops, select the Admin Console
  2. Click on the link for Kinetic Request
  3. Select the Services kapp, and click on the link for Forms
  4. Navigate through the pages to the "Request Template - Default Submission Process" form
  5. Select "Clone" from the drop-down list on the far right of the form entry
  6. Choose a new name (slug completed automatically) and Save
  7. Change to the General Tab and update the Status (Active) and Type (Service)
  8. Save

Create from Scratch (optional)

As an option to cloning, you can create a new form from scratch

  1. From the Services kapp
  2. Set the Name, Description, Status (default New), and Type. Slug is set automatically unless you change it.
  3. The new Form opens in the form builder


What's Next

Now that you've created a form it's time to learn about the other elements that could be added.

Export of Incident form

Export of final Employee Onboarding Form